May 18, 2018

'it's a good week, to have a good week.'



spreading love is fun. spreading love digitally isn't always easy and can be forgotten way to easily - thousands of likes but only a few take their time and comment their real thoughts on specific kind of content (I don`t mean these bullshit comments `cool pic bro´ - fck that..)


Let me introduce you my "off the week"-section. I want to spread some love over there:


So if I really like content, then I'll enter it in the right block of the website.  I have divided the whole into 4 areas:

- Wisdom (quote)

- Video

- Picture

- Song / Music


You can be 110% sure, that everything in this section is no advertising, but simply a personal recommendation of things I stand for, that have touched or inspired me.


Do you have any other idea for a ... of the week part?


Let's explain what my first selection means to me:

Wisdom of the week no. 1:


If you want to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose. When you wake up, you can`t just wait to see what kind of day you`ll have. You have to decide what kind of day you´ll have. - @iamgalla


This quote is red by me almost every morning, at least 5 times a week. It is self-explanatory and simply expresses to me that tomorrow will never come and we have every day the chance to decide about everything.

Video of the week no. 1:


Well, just watch it - let your mind be blown away by the superkid JR ALLI. 

Mindblowing transitions and perspectives, London from a crazy point of view. Stumbled upon this video when I was in London recently.



Picture of the week no. 1:


Taken by @zrodyr


My absolute favorite photographer when it comes to landscapes and Mother Earth. 


His eye, his symmetry - incomparable.


This photo impressed me because the water is just completely calm and the moment before the person dips into the water is just magical.



Music of the week no. 1:


This is a weekly mix of my favorite DJ @sanholobeats.


I listen to a wide range of music: EDM, Trap, Deep House, RnB, Hip Hop (new school and oldschool, german)


But San Holo is just a very very cool guy and his concerts are fcking awesome. The concert I went to in Hamburg with my dear friend Andy was unbelievable. So I recently booked my trip to prague to join a concert over there with my close friends michael and andy including a meet & greet with sanholo (oh yesss). Just give this music a try, I'm sure you'll like it.

That's it for this weeks section, I won't explain my choice with a specific blogpost everytime - this was just to introduce this part of the website. I'll update this EVERY SUNDAY!






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