May 19, 2018

welcome. I really appreciate your visit, come back moreoften please ;o)

So... why do I blogpost?
There is not a clear, singular answer to that question. So I made a list with 10 reasons to go further on that:


1. In the past year, I enjoyed to put out regular content pieces. Unleashing my creativity with that, which I did not even know before, was an incredibly big step towards my self-awareness. I have never considered myself a truly creative person but that changed 2017, even though creativity is subjective. For me, creativity is breaking patterns or the usual. And sometimes I've got the strong feeling I want to go deeper on several topics and I am not able to break through. No matter if general topics or thoughts, Instagram or other visual plattforms are always kind of limited in their depth and creativity (and limits fck me up in my mind). That's why I want to use this website to create something deeper around a few topics.


2. Furthermore, I observe that Instagram-Influencer are always very superficially packed in certain drawers. Sure, we stand somewhere on the streets of cities and photograph our outfits, we walk through supermarkets and talk in the front camera for stories - I got your point. But behind every single one (at least for a part, haha) there's so much more to it, a personality of which perhaps only 5% can be discovered on Instagram. So this site is also an attempt to show a few percent more of me, even though I really do not care what strangers think of me (and don't want to show 100 percent).


3. I can easily create English content to meet the demand on that and also develop those language skills further. If you find any grammar mistakes, email me (just kidding…………… dont do that, honestly)


4. 'we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.' - anais nin.

My Notes App on the iPhone is strictly confidental, haha. I love to write things off my mind: either to let go thoughts, to remember something, to plan ideas or to document something worthful. 


5. I want to give something back and help. tbh, I am veeeery bad when it comes to "community management" in my dms. I go through my requests roughly and mostly I answer in my mind and forget to answer in real life. That´s why I´ll incorporate the influence of some DMs from the past that have been heaped up to create HOW-TO´s for the most asked things like "how do you make those stories", "how to you manage to work fulltime, study a masters degree and create instagram content" or whatever you demand.


6. New categories: as instagram is mainly about me and my bleak face, I would really love to create content around growth mindset and self-development, I'll use this platform to publish my 2 cents about that. Even if only 1 reader gets something out of it, finds a new way to look at his life, things or work - I'm deeply satisfied. As my dear friend Andy always says: 1>0. His purpose is, that every viewer of his Youtube vlogs (CLICK HERE!) is happy. If theres 1, he did something he can be satisfied with. Now he got over 50k total views, so maybe he made plenty of people happy. I love the internet.


7. Try shit out - Leave a legacy. Never tried public writing, always had thoughts about it - so let's just give it a try and see if it's a passion or not, otherwise you'll never find out ;o)


8. KILL PROCASTINATION - I already purchased my domain and paid a hoster for easy frontend website building, so every day I`m not going live with this is just nuts. And believe me, a few days went by till my purchase.


9. Writing in a cozy coffee shop while listening to my favorite music is deeply calming from my point of view.


10. I can use this page to show some of my photo or video work that don`t fit into my instagram feed. You can find it here [LINK TO SHOWREEL]


I can't tell you where this is going to be in a few month, but lets see - together. Honestly, I would really love to connect with you as a reader, so please let me know how you like the start design I developed or what you want to see over here or elsewhere. 


How you can communicate with me:


I would highly appreciate any positive or constructive feedback to this website in the future. Just shoot me an email to hello@gksieben.com.


Happy reading, love you all.


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